OEM Mopar Weather Stripping

What is weather stripping on a car? Lots of drivers ask this. The simple answer: it's a rubber and soft-plastic slat system, lining the edge of a car window and door, held in place by adhesive and screws. So, the usual follow-up question: what does weather stripping do? Its job is more important than you may think, actually. It does two things for a vehicle. One, it helps keep moisture, dirt, and wind out of its cabin. It seals them out, in fact. Two, it helps car doors close more quietly. Sooner or later, however, a weather strip can wear out. At that point, there's no better option than replacing it. Luckily, figuring out when to do that is easy. While you drive, listen for the symptoms. If you hear air moving quickly through your doors or windows, that's one. Look for water stains; they're another. Even if they're on just your floor mats, they can indicate possible seepage. The best way to figure out when to replace weather stripping, however, is to look for where it might have failed -- in other words, look for wet channels, worn or brittle spots, and cracking. The next logical question --

How Do You Install New Weather Stripping on a Car?

It's easy. Just remove any screws. Then, pull away the stripping and clean the adhesive off its channel. Dry the area, then reapply fresh adhesive. Now, press a new weather strip gently into the channel, align it properly, and press for a bit. Finally, change any screws you need to. The job's done! Just be sure any piece you use is the same length and type as before. Your best bet? Go with genuine Mopar weather stripping. It'll be designed to fit your make and model from the start, not to mention look better than aftermarket stripping. You can order all you need online from our auto parts store. Browse our selection and buy today!

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