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Ram Trucks is a brand of American vehicles that were first established back in 2010. The Ram division is owned by FCA US LLC. The brand was a spin off from the Dodge marque and took the name from the Ram pickup line of trucks. The logos for the two brands were the same initially. The purpose of establishing the brand, according to Chrysler, was to help focus on "real truck customers" who wanted durable and heavy-duty vehicles. The first generation of Ram trucks had been produced under the Dodge name back between 1985-1990. Over the years, the trucks got more popular as they became more fuel efficient. Throughout the changes and the establishment of Ram Trucks separate from Dodge, the goal of producing high quality vehicles has remained the same. If you drive a RAM, you want to be sure that you invest in high quality parts and accessories for it. OEM parts for your Ram can be found here at Mopar Fixers.