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The Jeep brand of vehicles were first introduced back during World War II, as soldiers needed high-quality and lightweight vehicles they could use on the field. The first lightweight military 4x4 was introduced by the brand back in 1941. The car became the primary mode of transportation for troops. Jeep became well-known for producing high-quality vehicles that were durable and able to handle all kinds of terrain. The first cars that were produced for civilians came out in 1945 and were known as the CJ-2A. The brand has produced many popular models throughout the years, including the Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Compass. All of Jeeps vehicles have had a focus on their durability. It's important that you use only OEM parts on your Jeep so that they will last a long time and fit properly. OEM parts are designed with your car in mind and made according to factory standards. You can find the best selection here at Mopar Fixers.