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The Dodge Brothers Company was founded back in 1900 by brothers John and Horace Dodge. They started manufacturing different engine and chassis parts for a range of automobile manufacturers around the city. Their customers included the Ford Motor Company and Olds Motor Vehicle Company. The Dodge Brothers Motor Company was eventually established in 1913 and later in 1914, the four-cylinder Dodge Model 30/35 touring car was introduced. The car helped make standard a range of features that become popular down the line. These included things like a 12-volt electrical system and all-steel body construction. By 1916, they ranked second in overall sales of cars. Eventually, by 1928, the company was purchased by Chrysler. Dodge established themselves and gave themselves a reputation for producing trucks and full-size passenger vehicles and trucks. Over time, the parts on your Dodge are going to wear out and might need replacement. You need to be sure to invest in OEM Dodge parts and accessories so they will fit properly and last a long time. Shop here at Mopar Fixers today for the best selection.